Simon McVay

Head Occupational Therapist

Simon organised 16 mindfulness courses delivered to 200 NHS staff. He comments, “Adrian used his own experience to empathise with the stresses that NHS and Social Care staff are under.” Here follows a selection of course participant comments:

Learning True Mindfulness is the key to a Happy Relaxed Life. Once you are able to focus 100% on what you are doing in a given moment, the past and future don’t matter anymore. Adrian can teach you and your team this Mind Management Skill, which will genuinely change your life for the better.
Trevor Parrett
Managing Director PDS Printing
“Mindfulness highlighted the underlying reasons for me getting stressed - I feel better equipped to deal with stress now. I feel that stress is having less of a negative effect on my life and relationships.”
Lorna Booth
Associate Researcher
“Adrian talked our group through practices and mindfulness exercises. I felt myself grow inside from week to week, and slowly realising I can meditate, I can be mindful. I can calm my mind! Small things like having a 3 minute breathing space when I feel I'm getting 'heady' are invaluable to me, yet simple and easy to do. And I can do it at work, with friends or with family. It takes the sting and panic out of those frantic times. There are many more benefits too, with a calmer mind I feel less vulnerable and insecure, and makes me a far nicer person to be around. If you have read this far, get your name down and spend some well-earned time with Adrian and find out for yourself. Adrian, I'm so grateful for the course and support you gave me.”
Mark Pengelly
Business Analyst
“In 2014, I took a mindfulness course with Adrian and it was one of the best things I have ever done. I can honestly say that it has changed the way I view and relate to the world. I still worry about things, but mindfulness has given me the tools to deal with things in a better way. Adrian is very skilful at leading a group whilst allowing everyone to contribute, as and when they feel comfortable. I have re-gained my mental focus. Before, I would have a number of tasks on the go and flit between them. Now, I start one task and keep my focus on that until the end, then move onto the next. I cannot praise the effects of mindfulness meditation and Adrian as a mindfulness teacher highly enough.”
Jan Rampley
Court Administrator
“Although I had done a lot of reading around mindfulness and had been using recorded guided meditations at home, taking a mindfulness course led by Adrian really took me to the next level. Adrian created a safe space for us to explore mindfulness and its effects on daily life. He also enabled us to journey together, sharing experiences from our own lives, and weaving in mindfulness practice. My work can be emotionally demanding and learning with Adrian has made me much more intentional about my mindfulness practice. It has helped me move from being an occasional to a regular meditator, and it has given me a powerful tool to help manage my wellbeing and reduce stress.”
Hannah Bucke
Methodist Minister
“This course is wonderful. I look forward to the morning practices and need to keep this up for the rest of my life!”
Jane Webb
“It has made me slow down – physically and mentally! I found the course great benefit to my practice. It forms a sense of closeness and trust with the rest of the group too. I will definitely keep up my practice.”
Rebecca Hartwell
“I have a much healthier perspective of what goes on in my head. I also now benefit from a good daily practice routine. An absolutely transformative course in ways I never expected. Thanks!!!”
David Thorpe
“The experience of being taught by Adrian had a profound impact on my mindfulness practice. So much so that I became a mindfulness teacher myself. There is no doubt that my decision to teach was in large part due to the profound insight I gained from being taught and mentored by Adrian. He brings warmth, generosity, open-heartedness and compassion into the teaching and learning experience. I believe that Adrian truly helped me understand how mindfulness can weave itself into the fabric of the everyday situations and realities we experience in life.”
Chris Reck
Teacher and Mindfulness trainer
“I have been on a few of Adrian’s courses and have found that they have really helped me with my anxiety and wellbeing. I feel completely relaxed and stress free when I am in the session. I definitely look at things differently now and I enjoy the moment. I feel I have learnt a lot from the classes. Adrian is very calming and makes you feel completely at ease. I just wish I had found his classes earlier. I would definitely recommend everyone to try his sessions. It will change your life for the better.”
Gemma Mansfield
Nursery manager
“The course taught me how to breathe and be kind to myself. My mind seems to be sharper now. I feel it has helped me cope with anxiety a lot better.”
Charles Obukofe
“I have learnt some good tools that can support me day to day – it was good to share experiences with other people in the group. I have learnt to accept situations as they are. Things never stay the same for too long.”
Linda Barry
“I have a better understanding of the stress response and risks I put myself under. I am determined to be kinder to myself. Thank you, I very much enjoyed the course. It was a real pleasure spending time with you and the others.”
Mark Gardner
“It helped to introduce a set of practices which can be incorporated into daily life and a reminder that stress can be managed by ‘going with it’ rather than fighting or avoiding it. Just like to say thank you for a really well delivered course, I have enjoyed every session.”
Debbie Allman
“Everyone says I’m happier and that seems to be the case to me as well. Having something to turn to in a stressful situation is a help. It has been a privilege getting to know you and the others on the course.”
John Jackson
“I actually changed a holiday date so as not to miss the last session as I enjoyed them so much. I am happier in myself, I have a sense of calm and fulfilment, I am able to deal with stress and anxiety and manage my thoughts and accept myself. I feel so much more aware of myself and comfortable with who I am. A true journey of self-awareness which I have enjoyed every moment.”
Natasha Halpin
Investment Banking
“Made me aware of my stress triggers and taught me to try to overcome them. Thoroughly enjoyed the course.”
Nicola Bessell
“The course has been excellent. It has taught me to relax.”
John George
“Awoken to my mind’s chatter and the benefits of stillness.”
Tony Burrows
“Mindful awareness has been a great skill to learn and will stay with me. This course is the start of my journey, I’m looking forward to where it will take me in the future.”
David Lee