Reiki is a simple healing method originating in Tibet that aims to re balance your body's energies and works not only with the physical body, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually, therefore, allowing the body to heal itself and bring about a state of balance and well being.

The treatment is received fully clothed and the practitioner will gently place her hands in a sequence of positions, on or above the body. Each position is held for a few minutes, beginning at the head and ending at the feet.The most common experience during the treatment is a sense of peace and relaxation however, it is not uncommon to feel energised and more confident. Reiki is a journey of self discovery leading to positive change and can help unlock creativity

  • Dramatically reduces stress and therefore our susceptibility to illness
  • Induces deep relaxation so can help soothe and counter anxiety and depression

Treatment lasts 1 hour and is £35.00




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