Nimisa Mind

Keeping up your mindfulness practice can be a real challenge.  Nimisa Mind is a simple, low cost subscription to support you and to remind you to practise, both formally and informally.    

The subscription includes:

  • 3 weekly email reminders with a different message each time, sent at different times each week

The email reminders are not daily because then they may become a habit, what we call 'autopilot', in mindfulness.  This is exactly the type of behaviour we try to avoid in our practice.  A daily email would be easy to quickly delete and move on from.  When they come more randomly, these emails will hopefully surprise you and invite you back to your practice. 

  • A new mp3 guided meditation emailed to you every month 

Sometimes, if we practise the same guided meditations day after day, our mindfulness practice can become a habit which, as mentioned above, is one of the things we aim to avoid in mindfulness.  Therefore, you will have a new guided meditation each month.  Over the months, you can build a library of meditations to pick and choose from day to day.  You may still have your favourites, but you can change things around from time to time, to keep your practice fresh.

The subscription costs £1.99 per month. 

Please use the paypal button below to subscribe, and email Adrian once complete.

Many thanks.  

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