Enhanced focus

You can enhance staff focus with just 10 minutes practice

Distracted staff has become a significant problem in today’s workplace. Whether that be direct distraction through phone or email alerts, or indirectly when the mind likes to continually wander off when we’re trying to focus. A 2010 Harvard study, found participants minds wandered 47% of the time. Ten years later, with improved technology, that statistic may well have increased further. This lack of focus leads to lower productivity, efficiency and possibly errors at work, eventually leading to lower profits.

“I am now able to manage my thoughts.”
Natasha Halpin
Investment banking

Many organizations find this lack of focus hard to manage. It’s possible to ask staff not to have their phones on or to have email policies. But ultimately, the work to enhance focus must begin with the individual. Focus is a skill and in order to improve this skill, we need training.

The scientific data on how mindfulness can enhance focus and performance continues to grow. In 2018, one study found that just ten minutes of mindfulness training in complete novices improved task speed and accuracy.

A recent review on workplace mindfulness training found that mindfulness training was positively related to key aspects of performance at work including job and task performance.

Mindfulness can
Improve decision making, ability to focus and pay attention, and increase task accuracy and speed

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