Adrian has worked in schools and colleges as an English teacher and in management.  He has managed cross school programmes such as 'gifted and talented' and 'aim higher' and most recently led a large curriculum area which included the following subjects: English A levels and GCSE; Languages and Communication and Culture A levels.

He now aims to focus on bringing mindfulness into schools and colleges for teachers and/or students. 

Mindfulness can help teachers:

  • Manage stress and anxiety which can lead to lower rates of sick leave
  • Improve memory and creativity
  • Improve focus and productivity

Mindfulness can help students:

  • Understand and manage stress and anxiety
  • Decrease exam stress which can lead to better exam performance
  • Improve memory and creativity
  • Improve emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication
  • Improve focus and concentration

Adrian can work with schools/colleges in a variety of ways:

  • Consultation with senior management on ways to introduce mindfulness into the school/college, including implementation of the .b programme (  
  • To train teachers in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).  This can be used to reduce teacher stress and/or to train teachers in preparation for the .b programme.  Please see MBSR tab for more details.
  • INSET Mindfulness workshops 
  • To train teachers in Mindfulness in the workplace, a four week course.  Please see 'In the Workplace' tab for more details.  
  • To train groups of students in mindfulness techniques.

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