Clear communication

Improved communication with colleagues and clients

Very often staff have good social media and email communication skills. However, the ability to communicate with colleagues or clients face to face or even via phone is decreasing. While online communication skills are vital in the modern workplace, verbal communication still remains a critical skill for ensuring clear communication and avoiding miscommunication between colleagues and with clients.

“Stress has a less negative effect on my relationships.”
Lorna Booth
Associate Researcher

Some staff find verbal communication so difficult it can bring on panic attacks and sleepless nights, especially, if public speaking is involved. How team members feel about their co-workers and managers can impact how effectively a team accomplishes tasks.  Positive relationships help create productive teams, ultimately affecting a company’s bottom line. *

Part of any mindfulness programme involves sitting quietly, simply noticing what is occurring in the body and breath.  Therefore, many struggle to understand how this practice can improve communication.  Mindfulness works both indirectly and directly to improve communication.  Indirectly, because when we sit alone and start to understand our own thoughts and emotions, we can then develop our understanding of the experience of others, whether that be colleagues or clients.  We can begin to move away from immediately reacting to what someone has said towards a calmer, clearer response to what we’re hearing, or perhaps choosing not to respond at all.  Furthermore, Nimisa’s programme will work directly on communication with activities on mindful speaking and listening in pair and group work.

To date, 45 workplace mindfulness research studies have linked mindfulness to improved relationships at work. *

Mindfulness can
Improve relationships, collaboration and teamwork and increase the ability to communicate clearly and calmly

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