Benefits of Mindfulness in Education

The benefits of mindfulness in education are becoming internationally recognised.  An Exeter/Cambridge University study on the .b mindfulness in schools curriculum in secondary schools found that:

In 2012, Professor Willem Kuyken at Exeter University, in collaboration with Professors Katherine Weare (Exeter) and Felicia Huppert (Cambridge), carried out a control trial on the effects of the 8 session .b mindfulness curriculum with 522 adolescents in 12 very varied secondary schools, divided into control and intervention groups. They found significant impacts on depression, stress and wellbeing in the intervention group. The degree to which students practised the mindfulness skills was associated with better well-being and less stress at 3-month follow-up. Well over half of the students had used mindfulness at least once since the end of the course with over 20% continuing to use it once a week or more. The programme was well received and popular with staff and students. The final version was published in the British Journal of Psychiatry.

(Taken from the .b website -

As well as developing a greater sense of wellbeing, mindfulness can help concentration, creativity and productivity.  Furthermore, mindfulness can enhance empathy and therefore improve interpersonal communication.  Please see the Government Support tab for more information: click here


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