Away days

Adrian and Nikki have twenty years of combined event management experience.  They are very well placed to organise an away day or event tailored to your needs.  Some suggestions include:

  • A full away day, focusing on stress and anxiety management using mindfulness meditations and/or some self-massage techniques.
  • An away day that might begin and/or end with mindfulness meditations and/or self-massage techniques and leave the middle part of the day free for working and planning. 
  • A weekend retreat with a combination of these elements.

Events can be tailored to your budget and time schedule.  You may want Adrian and Nikki to organise the whole event, from refreshments to stationery.  Or you may have your own event management team and only want us to provide the mindfulness and/or massage input. 

Please contact Adrian for a free telephone or Skype consultation. 

Free Meditation

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