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The name Nimisa comes from the Sanskrit Language (the original language of Ayurveda and meditation) and translates as 'the twinkle of the eye' or 'a moment in time'.  Adrian and Nikki felt this was ideal for their company name as their use of Mindfulness and Massage aims to help people step out of the rush of the modern world and live a more present, balanced life with greater health and harmony.  

The logo signifies a person, with a twinkle in their eye, standing between the waves of their past and their future, embracing their present life.  From a distance, the logo looks like an eye.

There is also a link to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, where Adrian and Nikki spent a month on a meditation and yoga retreat some time ago.  Then they knew that at some point in their future, massage and meditation would play an integral role in their lives together.  The person in the logo is based on a Guatemalan design and the lake in the home page is Lake Atitlan.    




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